Inspiring Creative Corner

Create your Inspiring Creative Corner at work

If you have a moment over, please take a moment and consider the fact that creativity can be enhanced if your surrounding environment is, well let´s say free of disturbing objects and stuff that has lost its value long ago.
Inspiring Creative Corner
Have a major crush for industrial design combined with old wood put together in a simply yet stylish way.
I can only refer to myself: When I´m in the middle of my work chaos, papers everywhere, a bunch of pencils with minimum amount of ink left, some abstract coffee stain-rings, and somewhere in this my Mac. So when trying to clean out the space from crap and instead decorating my desk with beautiful, creative stuff my work-mood peaked to the top. And the result of course changed course to go from good to great. Anyway, I´m not quite ready to share pics from my inspiring creative corner, but nevertheless, I dived into Pinterest and found some awesome workspaces I know I´ll have as a compass when creating THE Inspiring Creative Corner of the Year! PS! Remember, it´s Friday today! Cheers & Love // Merih  
Merih Thea

"Details is what separates good from great." Merih is founder and editor-in-chief of She is also digital PR & social media strategist for various fashion,- beauty,- and lifestyle brands. You can follow her digital footprints at Instagram @thedigitalstar & Twitter @the_digitalstar. Love & Cheers!

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