Cakes, harbor workers and dark tales – lets step into SFW Day 2

Stockholm Fashion Week, Day 2

It´s like a dream; when your second day of Stockholm Fashion Week AW17 starts with a collection presented in a way that is out of the ordinary. Cookies, cakes, half-empty crystal wine glasses, bags as decorations and shoes as pots for plans.  The set, is it meant to represent leftovers from a gathering, where friends has unchained their creativity and opened up a surrealistic world filled with shoes and bags? Or is the beginning of one? 

When sun stripes hits the window, most of them bouncing back but a few staying for a moment and when  photographers, bloggers and editors catching the seconds of light reflecting on the installation. The first fashion show of SFW AW17 Day 2 definitely meets all expectations and puts a higher pressure on the rest of day.

10:00 ATP Atelier, Stadsteatern, Kulturhuset

ATP Ateliers SS17 collection was presented in the presence of Italian singer and diva Mina Mazzini, also known as the ”The Tiger of Cremona”.
In every sense and way, Mina embodies Italian simplicity and cleanness, quality and care for details, timeless yet contemporary, everything ATP Atelier strive for in their products.

So, imagine inhaling contemporary Swedish design, Italian craftmanship and Parisian attitude in a luxury hotel suite, with champagne and wine slowly blurring your mind (very slowly). Soon, I myself became Mina.

Expectations derive from experience, and before entering ATP Atelier AW17 presentation I caught myself thinking back to the suite. How where they going to present their upcoming collection this time?

Fashion illustrations

Well designed and crafted pink cakes,  shoes and bags as garniture, macarons in different colors, shoe in a birdcage. It´s once again out of the ordinary when ATP Ateliers is on the fashion week schedule. Amazing set styling by Lisa Brobert, and if your curious for all the images, click here.

The focus of the collection is on quality and attention to details and it´s a testimony to the art of stitching and hidden seams, bold pairings of materials with contrasting textures, such as leather and suede in the same shade. The classic kitten heel is updated and loafers are endowed with contrasting materials. The brand seeks to elevate the classics and the ultimate shape expresses an uncompromising femininity and unrepentant independence.

For AW17, ATP Atelier is releasing a new line of bags, consisting of five styles ranging from shopppers in two different sizes and a tote bag to pouches suited for day and night. The line ties in nicely with the ATP shoe collection – particularly the iconic Rosa style. The clarity, symmetry and harmony of the Rosa have inspired details such as bag flaps, pockets and stitching. Available in black, pearl and barolo, as well as more vivid colors like powder, saffron and ruby red, the line aspires to an elevated form of Swedish Grace. It’s classic yet contemporary – and unmistakably true to the brand’s DNA.

Editor´s pick of Stockholm Fashion Week AW17

13:00 L´Homme Rouge, Konstnärshuset, Stora Galleriet Smålandsgatan 7

Inspired by an alienated group of young Swedish harbor workers, L´Homme Rouge AW17 collection Stompers creates a voice for social outcasts through provocative expression of re-worked luxury clothing found in misplaced shipping containers.  These shameless expression and the group’s do it yourself mentality inspired a whole generation to break free and manifest their discontent. To see all the looks from Stompers, click here.

Fashion illustration
Illustration by Madeleine Lithvall

14:00 Stylein, Berns Stora Salongen, Berzelii Park

Fashion Illustration
Illustration by Madeleine Lithvall

In Stylein’s latest collection, Timmervik, designer Elin Alemdar finds inspiration at home – from the sober, yet electrifying Scandinavian nature combined with genuine craftsmanship. With the brand’s signature minimalistic expression, Stylein presents its rawest and most honest collection to date.

The color palette ranges from shades of black, navy and dark forest green to soft tones of icy white and bright orange inspired by sea backtorn.

Dive into this lookbook for all the images.

Designer: Elin Alemdar Stylist: Linn Hägglund
Hair: Kevin Murphy Make up: Josephine Scherdin / MIKAs LOOKs
Music: Anna Kohlin
Source: Press announcement

17:00 Ida Sjöstedt, Berns Stora Salongen, Berzelii Park

Belladonna of Sadness is a dark tale 

Ida Sjöstedt is definitely one of the most fun shows to attend, because she always outdo herself. She´s never out of ideas and once again, this season, models strolled down the catwalk in fabulous sparkling creations. The dark and mysterious set design was amazing and the atmosphere was on top when the show was about to start. I think, Ida Sjöstedt, this season presented a really interesting collection with great variation. She shows both darker themed pieces and, as always, sheer and flowery gowns. It was a perfect interpretation of her inspiration, an animated movie named Belladonna of Sadness.

Over the last seasons we´ve seen more and more feminist statements on the runway. We loved Ida Sjöstedt´s inspiration from the animated movie, which is a dark tale of a young virgin´s journey to become more sexually powerful. It´s about the cliché of women being seen as innocent versus sexually strong is as much a contradiction as a symbiosis.

Afterwards the Fashion Editors Vera and Joy went backstage to get a closer look of all the beautiful dresses and garments. A joyful atmosphere, shimmering sequin embroided pieces plus gorgeous models posing in the amazing creations and high heels - perfectly describes the exciting set of the luxurious backstage at Berns!

Designer: Ida Sjöstedt Stylist: Sofie Krunegård / Hall&Lundgren Hair: Kevin Murphy Makeup: Sandra Wannerstedt / MIKAs LOOKs Nails: Frida Selkirk / Nailstyling Music: Erik Wikström

See all the looks HERE

Illustrations by Madeleine Lithvall

Soon coming up: Recap day 3

Love and cheers /Get Styled, @getstyled_net

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