Trendreport SFW: Stylein SS17

Stockholm Fashion Week, Day 1

Inspired by the Yucatec Maya, Stylein´s Spring/Summer 2017 collection has the Scandinavian minimalism throughout the collection, and SS17 has vibrant influences from art and Mayan craftmanship as well as the dynamic and vivid surroundings of the Yucatán peninsula.
 “I’m intrigued by the beauty and mystery of the Mayans. Their way of working with colors and unique techniques in their craftsmanship has guided me through the process of creating this collection”, says Elin Alemdar, Designer and founder of Stylein.

Stylein SS17 silhouettes & colors

Also the color scheme is inspired by the nature of the Yucatán surroundings; deep navy Caribbean Sea during heavy rain, the dark yellow shades of the sun as it sets over the jungle and the sand’s soft beige tones along the breathtaking coast line. SS17´s silhouettes are feminine yet sharp high waists tailored to perfection. The collection features a line of exclusive leather bags in different sizes and new elements such as beautiful embroidered details and handmade prints. My review The classic slippers has once again taken its place at the catwalk, yet it is a modern, minimalistic look compared to its precursor. I loved the slim silhouettes, basic neutral colors and nude tones. Black, white, brown, soft pink and strong yellow color are all significant for Stylein´s SS17 collection. My favorite among all was the leather dress in shiny, brown hue matched to a pair of straight pants in the same fabrique. The combination felt modern and innovative and I hope to see more of those elements in the upcoming collections.   Trendreport: Stylein SS17   Designer: Elin Alemdar Stylist: Linn Hägglund Hair: Josefin Scherdin / Mikas LOOKS Make up: Kevin Murphy By: Vera Ericson Ekdahl  
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